Buy the rumors – sell the facts!

This statement became the key idea of ​​a business meeting with analyst, development manager of Maxigrain and well-known agroblogger Olena Neroba! This time there were active discussions about what affects on the price of the country’s main grain crops, the balance of exports and production of corn and wheat in Ukraine. Also discussed the current […]

Business meeting with Natalia Ulyanova soon!

Topic of the meeting: New rules of the game on the farm. Opportunities 2021. Let’s talk about: Legal changes in the agricultural sector for 2021: – Features of new land lease agreements. – What can farmers expect from the new TCU? How to attract investment capital to the Agricultural Producer? Financial instruments and institutions in […]

Picture gallery UGTC TRADE

The office is not only a place to work, but also a space for inspiration. Today our gallery is replenished with new objects of aesthetic development, wonderful works of Ukrainian artists: I. Belogorskaya “Dawn” – “Wait for dawn, and it will definitely come!”. A. Lavrov “Winter” 1989. I. Dragan “Lviv. Market Square”. S. Topchiy “Mediterranean […]

Happy Holidays!

Dear partners, colleagues and friends! Congratulations on the upcoming New Year holidays! We wish you only joyful and happy moments in the new year. May the boldest dreams come true, new opportunities for growth open up, and success at every step! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Respect the grain!

Vacancy open

We are looking for a hero in our super-hero team, for the position of procurement manager: – with higher education; – with a category B driver’s license (experience from 1 year); – preferably with a car (but not required); – with experience in the field of procurement or sales; Personal qualities: – self-organization; – ability […]