Business meeting with Olga Trofimtseva

The September business meeting with Olga Trofimtseva will not leave indifferent any of the guests of the agricultural event.

This week we had one of the hottest business meetings of the #farmerschool project with an incredibly experienced speaker, who has been working in the agro-sphere for a decade – Olga Trofimtseva 🀩

The first part of the meeting was devoted to the new realities in which modern agricultural producers now work: climate, market, politics, sales, ETC. Olga stressed the importance of understanding and accepting new trends that replace old principles. An active discussion revolved around the topics of all sites and programs of state SUPPORT for agricultural market participants.
At the end of the meeting, they discussed the New Norms of the agro-industrial complex, what changes are taking place in it, and how the stench will affect the work of agricultural producers.

Particularly useful for our guests was the part of networking, where EVERYONE was able to ask questions to the speaker, share their own experience with agricultural tools, offer ideas for improvement and get advice.
We thank the speaker @drtrofimoto and the guests for an incredible day and a productive atmosphere of the business meeting! 🀝

See you in the #farmerschool project!
Respect the grain! πŸ’ͺ

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