Now we are at the elevator party! 😎

Now we are at the elevator party! 😎
This week there was a great opportunity to become one of the speakers and experts of the annual workshop “SUSHI PRO100 – 2021” in Ternopil.
Since we have just started the whole elevator experience, we were able not only to share our practice and the concept of our own terminals, but also heard a lot of useful advice and practical experience from our partners.
The main value of such events, in our opinion, is the business and friendly relations that arise from them. After all, with each new partner and new story we have the opportunity to create a synergistic effect of cooperation, which will definitely lead to success! 🀝
Experts with many years of construction experience spoke openly about the various practices and trends in which modern grain terminals are built. A lot of impressions and new acquaintances with future partners – have become a huge step forward for us!
Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of an important event in the elevator world!

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