Burnout training with Peter Chornomorets

We appreciate the work of each member of the #ugtctrade_team team, and we understand how many tasks and responsibilities each of us has and what it can lead to. Therefore, we decided to invite a professional coach who will be able to accurately tell about the topic of burnout – @Petro Chornomorets
100% of the most useful content, a bunch of practical tips on how to recognize the early symptoms of burnout, how not to bring yourself to such a state and how to help yourself get out if you still burn out. And about laziness, procrastination and sabotage! The author’s game-simulation revealed the topic in great detail, and showed how our brain works and what leads to a state of burnout.
Thanks to coach Petro Chornomorets for an incredibly useful day! Now – count the hours!
Respect the grain!