Results of a business meeting with agricultural broker Valery Sigaev

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is one of the platforms that generates price trends. For most, this is an unknown territory that lives by its own rules. Corn, wheat, soybeans and others are traded on the Chicago Board of Trade. However, the liquidity of corn is outrageous, it is one of the current commodities on the stock exchange.

This Friday we tried to understand how the commodity exchange works, when and how to sell grain, and what is the role of a broker in this complex process.

The invited guest Valery Sigayev – a commodity broker with Ukrainian roots, was a guest of our business meeting. 25 years of work in the agrarian trade and impeccable professional reputation.

In the first part of the business meeting they talked about how the commodity exchange works, who is a participant in the trading process, as well as about futures, options, derivatives and what are the ways to hedge risks.

The second part of the presentation was devoted to trading. The guests of our meeting had the opportunity to trade corn on the trading floor of the exchange. As a result, although we lost $ 50, the experience of changing the price schedule was felt by all guests of the business event.

Thank you for your participation and we want to open new opportunities for the development of your business!